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yumeto answered your post: Help me choose a school TT^TT

Uh… Honestly Harvy Mudd, MIT, and RPI are you’re best bets. Many engineerings attend liberal arts schools now adays.

Lol well I mean it’s a bit late I’ve already applied and I’m just making my final decision right now haha xD

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Help me choose a school TT^TT

I’ve basically made a decision but I still wanna see. I’m majoring in mechanical engineering hoping to go into the aerospace industry I’ve already considered things like money, location, etc. so don’t worry about those. Let’s just be to the point: BERKELEY OR CORNELL? (Reason)?

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You choose Cornell end of story. and I'm from San Diego btw if you're from california.

Why though? Like obviously I don’t disagree that it’s amazing I just want some perspective because I’ve been getting a lot of feedback in favor of Berkeley. It seems that it’s even more acclaimed than Cornell for engineering often placed like 3rd in the world.